Takeaway: Tiffany canada NingZhu great heritage of boundless glamour, Tiffany & Co. Tiffany's on New York time on the evening of April 10, 2014 Blue Book official launch high-end jewelry series. Night under the Guggenheim Museum in New York, Guggenheim Museum) into the tiffany hall magnificent jewelry, colorful color spiral space.
Including Jessica Biel, Jessica Tiffany canada picks, Kate potts voss (Kate Bosworth), Katie Holmes (Katie Holmes), Hillary los (Hilary Rhoda), Jessica Joffe (Jessica Joffe) and Sun Feifei, about 300 distinguished guests to be invited to explore by colorful, clean and pure magnificent gem by the light of the world.
Katie Holmes (Katie Holmes), Jessica Biel, Jessica picks) and Kate potts voss (Kate Bosworth) attend the tiffany Blue Book 2014 release of high-quality jewelry series awards
Kay, potts voss (Kate Bosworth) wear Tiffany Blue Book 2014 senior jewelry series of copper lithium tourmaline and canary ring (355000 RMB), Tiffany Grace platinum diamond earrings (90000 RMB) and Tiffany Victoria platinum diamond-encrusted bracelet (533000 RMB)
Katie Holmes (Katie Holmes) wear tiffany Blue Book 2014 Tiffany canada senior the sapphire diamond bracelet jewelry series (666000 RMB), and 27.31 carat emerald shape cutting sapphire ring (3776000 RMB)
Jessica Biel, Jessica picks) wearing a diamond stud earrings (1466000 RMB) and tiffany Blue Book 2014 senior the diamond necklace jewelry series (4442000 RMB)
International supermodel Sun Feifei
Energetic blue and green, if yao yellow sun, warm the fiery red, pink, and purple, tiffany artisans through gifted master hand, come to like nature is rich and vivid bead design. Color sapphire on the vines platinum diamond necklace to bloom; A 18 k white gold bracelet set with a large number of sapphire and diamond, present the wave pattern; After the French impressionist painting master George Seurat (Georges Seurat) of divisionism (Pointillism) painting style show in a pink and purple sapphires, green emerald green garnet and diamond pendant and a color sapphire and diamond ring, The beauty of the flower is delicate and Tiffany canada charming be about to drip of details; In addition a "georges seurat" jewelry is made of sapphire, green green garnet and tourmaline earrings, show clever dragonfly wings of colorful; Another clever earrings and bracelet with Montana blue inlays. Tiffany's most precious and colored diamonds and white diamonds are equally remarkable, through all the manual cutting Mosaic, into a style of acme, outstanding quality jewelry masterpiece. A very exclusivity tiffany yellow diamonds and strong color white diamond necklace, canary 13.29 carat total weight; 8.21 carat square improved brilliant-cut canary restoring ancient ways ring, ornament is long and narrow shape of sapphire and white diamond; Art Deco Art Deco inspired bracelet Mosaic canary and white diamond; Tiffany diamond and many symbolic authority platinum diamond ring.
Blue Book colors and creative energy through called "Diamond star" (The Diamond Sky) audio and video works of art in New York guggenheim museum spiral to The extreme expression in The space Tiffany canada light works of art to The extreme expression, "Diamond star" (The Diamond Sky) is made, Kurt Bosch (Leo Kuelbs Collection) for tiffany Blue Book published exclusive acousto-optic device of art, just a glory night. 3 d effect the Blue Book of jewelry in the flow of the artistic light projection at the guggenheim museum spiral space inside, the "treasure present the most beautiful visual effects. Subsequently, a classic symbol of Tiffany brand - "Tiffany legend canary" Diamond (Tiffany) lit the lime sherbet, as if place oneself under the sun. Tiffany fifth avenue flagship store of the magnificent grand facade and the New York City skyline appeared gradually, a symbol of the glory of the great jewelry brand was born. On behalf of tiffany's glorious history as image gradually rose to the sky, into the stars, shining light. The world's most colorful dazzling Tiffany canada jewelry masterpiece to dream magic frames the guests unforgettable night in New York.